Monday, May 09, 2011

busy x 3

this week leff's at google i/o, i've got a small dinner party and REMINDER! we're having the bake sale for the south at cakespy on saturday!

i still need volunteers to both man the sale and to bake (or both!). if you'd like to volunteer, please click here!

here are two items that i've already made for the sale (and that currently reside in my freezer):

sour cream pound cake (that will be available by the slice)

teeny tiny caramel cakes.

i'll be uploading the items as i finish making them so, if you'd like to follow along, check out this flickr set.

did you know that i love pyrex?

i really do.

this week also saw the end of easter candy

and the roasting of peppers for cinqo de mayo.

i also painted the upstairs bathroom grey with a teeny tiiiny roller.

the bremerton farmer's market opened on thursday. i picked up some orange of the underworld skyr from viking feast ice cream

and a handful of bedding plants from assorted vendors.

don't get me started on the lack of mint.

here's a stupid fast prototype of something that i'm not bothering with. so, basically, it's a pop up tardis card that i made for leff.

vwrop, indeed.

new pax will be up shortly as will today's excheckered

and this week's threadjacker.

that's a tree beard, oh ho ho.

cats, etc.

hope to see you at the bake sale on saturday!!

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