Wednesday, July 06, 2011

google plus, a package from guam, we kill a bottle of pimms

i know that those of you who haven't been invited to google plus yet are probably tired of hearing about it but, christ on a fucking cracker, g+ is exactly the social network i've been waiting for. i. LOVE. it.

i particularly love being able to separate people in circles.

i won't go on about it because, well, i'd rather be USING it, so i'll get you up to date on this blog and move on.

chotda, my favoritest guambat in the whole word, sent me a package full of goodies before she left on holiday. david lynch coffee! (god, that was good!)

another poppin cookin set!!

and chips! all of these were spectacular but my favorite by far was the sukiyaki cheetos.

here's a picture of them just so we can all drool over them.

guess what! the nanny state actually extended liquor store hours past 6pm! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT?! one can now buy booze until 9pm on m-r, 10pm f-sat. sunday hours are, as fucking usual, variable. what, you can't expect them to be consistent.

i'll bitch about the lack of choice in hooch in wa state some other time (i could go on for HOURS) because leff somehow managed to find a bottle of pimms no 1 without having to go to canada!!

we killed said bottle in less than 24 hours. soooo gooood.

we also killed another 4th of july. whatever.

other blogs, other blogs. slideshow freak will resume posting this morning

as will excheckered.

peel and i need to plan what we're doing next week because the family will be in town two weeks early.

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