Monday, July 25, 2011

work and recuperation

work and recuperation. that was last week. here's a photo that sums up the recuperation part fairly well.

this week saw the arrival of a gratis k'nex luigi

and the continuation of blooming on our hydrangea.

i'm well aware that it is too late in the year for this. our madonna and stargazer lilies haven't opened yet and our lettuce has all bolted trying to get sunlight. weird things are afoot in the land of perpetual winter.

but let's move on to the work part of our program.

i finally finished one of the oddest commissions that i've ever gotten. click over to threadjacker for the finished result a bit later in the day.

additionally, there're new photos at slideshow freak

and always collages at excheckered.

depending on whether or not i can catch a break from this fucking arthritis flare up, there may or may not be new work at pax this week. ta, til next monday.

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