Monday, August 01, 2011

etc, etc, etc

it's still dreary and cool in the pnw. (although sun has been promised this week. i give a resounding krabappel "HA!" until i actually see it.)

anyway, this past week contained a mini creep fest.

you don't think these movies are scary until you've lived with them for a while. particularly "night of the hunter". do yourself a favor and watch that sometime.

on wednesday our ticket for the ceremony of the keys arrived!

700 year old ceremony, kids.  i can't not go to that.

do you know what really makes people talk?  meat covered eggs.

i'd made scotch eggs for the first time about four years ago.  for some reason, i got a wicked craving for them this week.  (i don't use a recipe so if you want to make them, google it. the one above is not deep fried.)

drinking season continues.

and there were waffles.

right, link time. no new update at threadjacker this week.  if you're looking for a diversion from work, head to slideshow freak


or pax and ak.

until next week, greetings from my junk drawer.

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