Monday, August 29, 2011

almost vacation time!

things are looking up at the casa! this is probably due to my getting the hell out of dodge for a while (londoners! deets on our small meetup are here!) but also the birding that i've been able to do.

look, i'm not a bird watching pro. i don't write down names of birds and times/places seen in a notebook. in fact, i'm not even sure what type of predatory fowl is hanging out in our cherry tree in this picture that leff took. i think we called it "hawk thing"?

(enlarge the photo and look in the top right hand side for bird action.)

i *do* know the taxonomy of this beast, however, and it is "plastic owl".

also improving my mood this week is the long overdue sunshine. look, i even took a hackneyed, typical blog photo of it dappling my shower window.

you were probably aware of the hurricane this past weekend. it really made me crave diet dr. pepper with a red vines straw.

i also had a greyhound that i consumed while sitting next to six guide dogs in training.

sorry, guide dogs not pictured.


and joe

came by to pick up keys. i'm so glad that broseph's house/catsitting! thanks again, j!

and now we enter work territory. here's an outtake from the stink bug's eggs. so serial killery, non?

voila! a piece in progress for pax.

and last week's finished piece.

also, two slides from slideshow freak

and a collage from excheckered.

last work item before i close with a cat, reprints of my business cards arrived! hooray! i never seem to have enough of these.

right, here's the cat you wanted.

see you on wed with another roald dahl stunt blog!

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