Friday, August 26, 2011

old photo friday-- marc as elliot

since i'm in the middle of digitizing my old photos, i thought i'd try out a new feature for fridays. well, not exactly new as it will consist of said old photos (plus some commentary) as you were perhaps able to ascertain from the title. (props for creative naming, amirite? /sarcasm)

anyway, let's get started with one of my most favorite photos of my brother. ever.

it was taken at universal studios on our very first trip to california. (there is a corresponding polaroid of me wearing pink cords and a turquoise member's only jacket + sporting braces but that picture is staying buried in a box, so let's end this parenthetical aside, shall we?)

i don't remember much about the specific context of this image other than the fact that marc and i drove our parents crazy by repeatedly saying "elliot" in that creepy e.t. way. oh, and by asking everyone at universal who was dressed in a costume for their autograph and then laughing our asses off about it once they'd signed our specially purchased for the trip autograph books.

frankenstein had really nice penmanship.

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