Monday, August 22, 2011

more things of the stuff variety

real life seems to have taken it upon itself to become incredibly bizarre and fast paced at the same time. maybe i'll tell you about a few of these things in future (although, maybe not) but do know that i'm feeling slightly loopy and giddy. (and i don't think it's due to a fever this time!)

in lieu of baring my soul, i'll show you my new little sansa clip.

it's small and mighty and will be perfect for the upcoming trip to the uk.

in spite of the bizarre and fast paced stuff, i'm still tumbling. (every day i'm tumblin'? ugh, why did i type that?)

anyway, links ahoy. slideshow freak:


pax and ak:

i am gearing up to do some stunt blogging here soon, so stay tuned!

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