Wednesday, August 24, 2011

stink bugs' eggs from "james and the giant peach"

some of you more astute readers may have noticed that i've grown way past weary of washington state. i'm not exactly sure what normal people would do if they found themselves stuck in the damn evergreen state (seek the advice of a counselor? go on vacation? kill all humans?) but i know what i do in times of duress. that's right! stunt blogging!

for the first of many feats (ha!), i will be working my way through roald dahl's revolting recipes*, a cookbook that interprets"...some of the scrumptious and wonderfully disgusting dishes that appear in roald [dahl]'s books".

in other words, really gross food found in really kick ass books.

for later entries, i'm planning on grouping the recipes by book (bfg, the twits, charlie and the chocolate factory, etc.) but i thought i'd kick things off with a single dish from james and the giant peach. namely, "stink bugs' eggs". (i'll make the scrambled dregs a little later on.)

anyway, one way to eat like a centipede is to get crackin' on some hard boiled eggs.

use the back of a spoon. it's fun! imagine that you are bashing in the skull of someone/thing that you can't stand. i did!

you will also require food dye of some sort.

the cookbook recommends either boiling up onion skins or using food dyes. those of you who follow my "cooking" exploits know that i am not against better living through chemistry, so that's the way i went.

this step requires eight hours. you should maybe consider doing something during this time period besides, you know, standing around and watching eggs change colors. sleeping works!

once the recommended amount of time has passed and you have caaarefuuullly peeled the eggs, you will witness something that will make a tumblr hipster alternately cry and/or piss their pants. (seriously.)

i actually think that these eggs are quite beautiful. i'm just really, really bored with the 80's schtick.

let's have a cross section, shall we?

and a picture of the halves for good measure.

the original recipe suggests deviling the eggs and then covering them with asafetida for an extra sensory fun time but 1) like hell and 2) see number 1. besides, i like leff, otherwise known as "he who shall be eating this stuff" so i just went with mayo, worcestershire sauce and paprika.

he thought they were tasty, btw.

next time on roald dahl stunt blogging:  i'll tackle some more of james and the giant peach.  there may be mudburgers!

*link will take you to amazon. i am an amazon affiliate. should you purchase roald dahl's revolting recipes through this link, i will receive monetary compensation.


manthatcooks said...

I may be too late for this gag but that's some cunning stunt blogging.

r4kk4 said...

you're never too late. and thank you!