Monday, August 08, 2011

pacific planetarium opening and work

i took a break from work this week (unbelievable, isn't it?)

to attend an opening of a local planetarium manufacturer!

while i don't have pictures from the show ('cause, really, what kind of an asshole takes pictures during a planetarium show?), i do have some images from the "north bay" where some sciencey exhibits were located.

there was also a very sensible warning.

i'm not doing the opening justice.  (that would be because i've still got that stupid ass fatigue disease.) it was incredibly enjoyable (other than that pacific northwest mansplaining asshole in the audience who, of course, made an appearance. but what can you do, it's the pacific northwest.) and i really hope that they open the place up to the public occasionally.

anyway, the rest of the week was graphic, in the visual sense,

as well a full of tiny teeth.

here're pax and ak,

slideshow freak

and excheckered links.

see you next monday.

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