Wednesday, August 31, 2011

james and the giant feast

last week on "roald dahl stunt blogging", i started working my way through the revolting recipes* cookbook by making stink bug's eggs from james and the giant peach*.

this week, i decided to make all of the remaining james recipes. aw yeah, it's time for james and the giant feast!

all of the following delicacies (except for peach juice) appear in the centipede's song from chapter 18. and of all the things that that bug sang about, the food that i most wanted to try was crispy wasp stings on a piece of buttered toast. mainly 'cause i live on toast and am always looking for other toppings besides my standard nutella.

this is fancy toast. lookit being all round and shit.

the wasp stings are made of two kinds of coconut, honey and lemon zest which, i suppose, is the stinging part.

for real, it is fancy toast. i mean, you don't even use the whole slice of bread!

not quite as posh but equally delicious is peach juice. i futzed around with this recipe because i didn't want to deal with a mango. (what? like anyone likes peeling a damn mango.) instead of fresh fruit, i substituted a frozen mango juice.

a word to those over 21 years of age:  this is really good with vodka.

i'd say it's a safe bet that if you like hot dogs that you'll love hot frogs.

even when they're just eggwashed.

even when they're waiting to go into the oven.

but especially when they're all wrinkly from heat

and then served on a bed of slime. yum yum!

but what is a giant feast without a meat and fish course, amirite? for the meat, leff and i consumed some mudburgers.

they don't look so great but their personality is OUTSTANDING!

the fish course, of course, was represented by mosquitoes' toes and wampfish roes shown here before being delicately fried.

these are definitely worth making. i am not a fan of sea beasties but even i found them tasty (and attractive).

not so with the scrambled dregs.

i mean, blargh. i can't even stand runny eggs so i almost barfed to see them in liquid. leff swears that it was a tasty dish, however, despite looks to the contrary.

all in all, this was a very satisfactory feast! i think that the centipede was on to something with all of that bragging!

next week on roald dahl stunt blogging: the witches! i promise that nothing will smell like dog's droppings.

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santos. said...

*WOW* what?! i've got to reread this, like a billion times to appreciate its awesomeness! where do i start! runny eggs. wtf

r4kk4 said...

aw, thanks! :D! *blushing*

wait til i get to "charlie and the chocolate factory". (planning it for the week before halloween! eee!)

yeah, the eggs seriously almost made me barf. i can't really look at that picture.

Lisa B. said...