Monday, February 27, 2012

catching up on the last two weeks

this past week. for serious.

despite some local weirdness, it was actually quite spectacular mainly due to this INCREDIBLE BAG (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

and EQUALLY STUPENDOUS COLLAGE that crystal sent my way.

i still can't even wrap my head around how amazing both of those things are! and how wonderfully amazing crystal is!!  all the thanks the world are not enough but i will try! THAAAANK YOUUUUn , CRYSTAL!!!

nowhere near as incredible is this stack o'books that i'm working my way through before rhys gets here next week.

let me repeat that...RHYS GETS HERE NEXT WEEK!!!! AAAAAAH!!!

but now let's bring this back down to earth. strawberries

and a laundry monster.

oh, and a dash of work. excheckered

and zip + four.

reminder: zip + four ends this week.

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