Monday, February 06, 2012

not bad, not bad

this week i was a bit starry eyed.

no reason really. but it was better than being star struck.

other than that, things were a bit slow. a lot of salad was eaten, um, by me.

i also made moo goo gai pan. yeah, without bok choy or *shudder* baby corn.

and i drank alcoholic fizzy pink drink.

i'm telling you, not much is better than being tipsy in the afternoon while you're painting.

work on the house continues. clouseau seems to find things to be comfortable.

i started the month of mail challenge. here's the first postcard that i sent.

you can see what i wrote and/or included at zip + four.

another place to redirect?  why excheckered, of course.

time to get started on super serious trip planning! we'll be in europe in a little less than a month! (i hope that winter is over by then!)

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