Monday, January 30, 2012

last week was not so bad!

good news in that last week was not nearly as excruciating as i thought it was going to be. see, peel had lost a tooth just prior to the stupid snow storm and we were unable to get her to the vet. she's an old girl. maybe 14? anyway, i was completely freaked out about it.

i shouldn't have worried quite so much in retrospect, however, as she is now doing fine. okok, she only has one tooth left as she had a mostly complete dental extraction but she's better than she has been in a while.

still, poor old thing. she's really hating the antibiotic that we've been giving her.

what else is new besides a primarily toothless cat? ah! new furniture! we finally got the chair for which we'd been saving.

also the new convertible sofa we've had our eyes on is now in the office.

i know! it's so orange and red!! and it's fucking hot as hell, don't deny.

rhys sent us a winterval present this week!  THREE BOXES OF STAR CRUNCH!!  he's such a sweetheart! can't wait to see you in march, rhysling!!

excheckered is still posting and it's getting bizarre. well, more bizarre.

new projects might be starting soon. i guess. i have plans, i do. just hang in there, k? i gots to see a man about some meds and we might be back to normal output levels.

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