Monday, January 09, 2012

another monday post

*yawn, stretch* good morning!

big things are afoot at the casa. not that you'll be able to tell from this post but i'll try to at least clue you in. we're in the middle of rearranging the house. this, of course, means a bit of new furniture. the first of it arrived this week. hooray for new knitted poufs!

fujiko really likes them.

what she will not like though is the fact that leff and i will be heading back to the uk for TWO WEEKS in march!! TWO WEEKS!!!

i mean, fu will be upset, sure but 1) i get to go back to the uk!! 2)i'll get to GO TO PARIS AND POSSIBLY BERLIN THIS TIME!!! 3) RHYS WILL BE HOUSESITTING!!! which means that i'll get to see everyone that i want to see during an intense three weeks and then all those people will be gone (or, i will have left) again and i'll fall into another really horrid depression during which i'm unable to eat. EVERYONE WINS!!!

but that won't be happening for about two months.

have you been watching the new "sherlock" and "downton"?!?  HAVE YOU!??! fuji and i are all about both shows.

yes, this is how i watch tv. with a cat invading my space and the xbox controller, my laptop and a bag of popcorn within reach. whatevs, i've got on a grey hoodie so i can play like i finished grad school so, mfa, mofos!

business side of post:  i'll be catching up on excheckered starting today. here's an image from, fuck if i remember. it's nice though.

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