Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pulp novel covers

i've been having a crazy clear out lately. surprisingly, books were culled this time. (which, god, it was painful but i am so tired of moving them. (new criteria for EVERYTHING: would i move this around the world? no? IT DOES NOT COME INTO THE HOUSE.))

it was finally time to say goodbye to my pulp novels. but before moving them into the "to be donated" pile, i took photos of their covers. here are three of my favorites.

i really love the red dress on the cover of awake to darkness but i'm baffled as to how she kept everything in place. tape?  probably tape.

the eyes have it. "was a hypnotist controlling THE KILLER?"

"when this woman loves, anything can happen!" so true, so true.

the rest of my old books can be seen in this flickr set.  if you'd like to own any of them, be on the lookout at western washington goodwill stores. i'm hoping that they all go to appreciative homes.

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