Friday, May 31, 2013

feet on the brain is better than water there?

i do have feet on my mind. well, ok, foot. because, you guessed it! i'm not able to walk anywhere again. THIS TIME it's because i dropped a full bottle of vodka on mon pied last week and i now have a nasty, nasty bruise there.

still! this is not all bad. stuart maconie has been good company.

and i'm almost finished with the nancy jo sales book. ah, god it's so good! want to read the article it was based on? go read the article. 

it's so good that i will probably end up watching "pretty wild" as it's streaming on netflix. oh, i'll hate myself while i'm doing it, don't worry. (i will probably not make it through a whole episode, let's be honest.)

in other news, i might be planning another short trip out of fish armpit village. it's really getting to both me and leff again. la or sanfran seem doable. WHO KNOWS?! i certainly don't. any suggestions, readers? (don't say hell, i already live there. * ba doom ching *)

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