Thursday, May 02, 2013

new mexico 2013, days 3 and 4

our last day in new mexico saw us heading north to santa fe.

UGH SANTA FE. beloved by old people. i am assuming this is because their dating pool is so much larger there. that town is FULL of greystaches. you know the ones, old dudes with grey ponytails, athletic socks pulled up to half calf, paired with "action sandals". the stench of entitlement. it is just like seattle only in the desert. THIS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT.

they do have a fairly decent donut shop though. whoo's donuts. yes, we went there because there was an owl in the logo.

the donuts and coffee were fine. the staff was, apparently, stoned. when the 45 year old white dude with dreads came into the store, we knew it was time to leave.

basically, if you find yourself in santa fe, I AM SO SORRY. also, fine, get donuts here. but i would not go out of my way for them again.

here is one thing that i liked about santa fe. these trees are nice.

but this mural is SO SHIT and FUCKING MYSTICAL and it was near an "art market" that had such shit. SUCH SHIT.  eagles and horses and fucking dream catchers. if i could vomit though my eyeballs, i would.

god, the composition. it just skeeves me out.

thankfully, bandalier was nearby so i could scrub the visual grotesqueness of santa fe from my head.

ahhhhhh. now that's better.

bandalier has pueblos and petroglyphs.  !!!!!  contrary to what this sign said, the area was not closed due to snow and ice conditions.

the rock here is very conducive to carving. since it is so soft, it is also pockmarked with holes. here is luther inside of one.

i couldn't believe that there were ladders available for climbing.

sadly, i am a chickenshit when it comes to heights but leff and his dino were able to take advantage of the opportunity.

he also took luther into some of the dwellings. if you squint, you can see the little deer.

georgia o'keefe got NOTHIN' on me.

i think this was my favorite petroglyph.

after all of the climbing around rock cliffs, the trail become positively serene. here is a stream that has caused flash flooding problems. it was very well behaved on the day that we were there.

honestly, i could have spent the rest of the day looking at petroglyphs. this type of visual communication is much more up my alley than the new age bullshit of santa fe. (also, the punk guy working the gift shop was cute and he did tricks. heee!)

still, we needed to head back to the abq. on the way, we passed valles caldera. here is my donut at the caldera.

and a video to give you scale. this place is HUGE! did it cause the lava flow at el malpais? I DO NOT KNOW

i DO know that the roads around the caldera can be treacherous.

and that the land itself is now used as a ranch. STAY SAFE VOLCANIC COWS

back in abq, we went to the frontier for dinner. it was all college divey and the staff was awesome. i could see eating here frequently if i was an undergrad at unm. the food was cheap if not really food?

idk, my sandwich was really weird. i ate it anyway because i we had a flight the next day which meant i wouldn't be eating for about another 24 hours or so. (what. i may fly fairly frequently but i still deal with flight anxiety. i just force myself to deal with it so i'm not always trapped in the pnw.)

that night i watched "mad men" for the first time on broadcast television. THERE ARE ADS?! how does anyone watch that show with ads?!

the next day found us back at the sunport.

this place. seriously. it looks more like the lobby of of dorm than an international airport.

and yet ONCE AGAIN people heading to seattle did NOT KNOW HOW TO BOARD A FUCKING PLANE. we were 15 minutes late pushing back. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM FIND YOUR SEAT, SHOVE YOUR BAG IN THE OVERHEAD BIN SIT DOWN SHUT THE FUCK UP EVERY FUCKING TIME i take a plane back to seattle people fail to understand this. sweet fucking jesus. IT IS NOT HARD SEATTLE PEOPLE WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM

whatever. that flight is over now. and GOOD NEWS there is a new 7-11 downtown!! FINALLY A CONVENIENT CONVENIENCE STORE IN SEATTLE

leff and i were there in the first 15 minutes that they were open. THEY FUCKING HAVE TAKIS!!! NOW WE CAN HAVE HOT CHEETOS AND TAKIS WHENEVER WE WANT WITHOUT HAVING TO SPECIAL ORDER THEM DANG JONES we are moving up in the world

so yes. i am back in the pnw. and things are settling back down into the boring old routine. or at least they will once i finally finish peeling from sunburn and heat rash. THOSE are my favorite kinds of souvenirs. I MISS YOU ALREADY BLISTERY SUN

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