Saturday, September 07, 2013

easterween redux

a long time ago when we were really bored, leff and i made halloween style easter eggs and dubbed the activity "easterween".  seven odd years later and we're bored again. guess what that means? awwww yeah, smartypants, it's easterween up in here.

i started things with a bleeding skull egg.

i know, right? i am such a fan of red food dye and karo syrup.

leff countered with a space kook

i wish he'd made the kook noise while he was drawing it.

my last egg was a bride of frankenstein complete with a silly little wig.

but leff really won the day with his free floating phantasm egg.

how could he not? it's just so fantastic.

and so ends another easterween. at this rate, we should have another one in, oh, 2020. hey! that's when the next tokyo olympics are happening! IT IS A DATE


Irregular Shed said...

I love you guys =)

r4kk4 said...

we love you too. MWAH