Saturday, July 12, 2014

it is finally summer

july is half over and the temps are finally correct. 90+ today HOORAY. (in c, that's the 30's.) perfect time to make some of chotda's mint lemonade

for you readers in the tacky, here are some tips for dealing with heat since there's no such thing as ac in this fucking place.

1) sunlight is your enemy. cover all your windows completely. make it so dark inside that you feel like you are in a cave. do this when the outside temp is the same temp as the one inside your home. do not slack on this. (it barely gets above 78 in the casa on super hot days because i am not insane enough to open windows or enjoy sunlight.)

2) if possible, don't use electronics that heat up (battery operated things are a savior). also if possible, cook outside or go out to eat. if you are grilling and want to try out that medieval eggs in the fire thing, make sure that your coals are on the cool side, otherwise your eggs will explode. go figure.

3) swamp coolers. make one. 

now stay out of my way if i go outside. you wa state people are fucking weird when the sun is out and it's warm enough to enjoy life and i'm tired of it. 

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