Wednesday, July 16, 2014

today was grocery day

can you BELIEVE how scintillating every bit of news i can leak is?! yes! this is my jam! CAN YOU STAND IT 

i would have bought bonne maman marmalade as well but it was not available for some weird reason. fucking love that jam. (not a paid advert.)

also, just to show you how goddamned lazy i am right now, mayo with sriracha already added.

it's only in the house because it was, like, $1.50 and i'm always mixing sriracha + mayo for deviled eggs and budget spicy tuna roll and, god, i cannot be arsed to do much of anything right now. (WON'T SOMEONE JUST [REDACTED] ALREADY JESUS CHRIST)

and now i go back to waiting. later.

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