Monday, October 20, 2014

and i'm back?

but not really? idk, it's still busy. blog updates will probably not be super frequent until some things finish playing out. (no worries though. things are generally pretty good and the news that i am continuing to keep you in the dark about seems to be clipping along. shrug emoji goes *here*.)

here are some good things i *can* tell you about though! it only took nine years but leff and i FINALLY found a chinese takeout that is almost as good as the ones in strip malls in memphis. good enough. i have missed take out chinese.

these bloody marys were fucking delicious! i made the drink, leff made the garnish.

the chain link fence next to our house is gone and has been replaced by something cute!

we planted a few things on sunday. yeah, i need to sweep the sidewalk but, hahaha, i'll get around to it before we move. maybe. it will probably still be raining then so what does it fucking matter. (it doesn't.) 

back to john romer docs for me! 

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