Tuesday, October 28, 2014

two pictures and some book recommendations

old man clouseau has been enjoying the house finches from the top of his fridge lately.

*i* have been enjoying our silly string lights.

hey, whatever gets you through the winter, right? speaking of which, i have started burning through mary stewart's books. i finished airs above the ground a few days ago. it was absolutely not what i expected! (and i mean that in the absolute best way possible!) i also found it hard to believe that this was the same mary stewart who wrote the great merlin trilogy. this lady is prolific and she can *really* draw you in (i could swear to you that i spent a few days in vienna but, no. i was just reading airs.). a ++, a million thumbs up to mary stewart.

also wonderful but in an entirely different way is radclyffe hall's well of loneliness.  i don't know how i haven't read this before but i have a feeling that i will be parsing it for quite a while after i've finished.

really though. how was that not on the syllabus for at least one of my classes? at a liberal arts college. in the 90's. *shrug*

plus! i started silver sparrow  this afternoon and have not been able to put it down. ok, i put it down to type this but now i'm going to stop so i can go back to reading. bye!

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