Monday, January 12, 2015

catching up plus a great laksa recipe

"so what's new in 2015?" you might ask. i can safely say "a lot!" but i can also honestly say "nothing!" 

on the nothing side has been a lot of "scarecrow and mrs king". i also read vivian apple at the end of the world  which i can recommend if you are into ya, road trips and death cults.  (well, reading about death cults. i may have lived in a city that has a heaven's gate sponsored tile at one of the most popular tourist sites but i'm absolutely not going to suggest that you join one of those things.)

on the "a lot!" tip, hey! we might be going to taiwan and cambodia in the relatively near future! !!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! i am absolutely flipping out about this!!!!  HOLY SHIT TAIWAN AND CAMBODIA!!!!!!!!!!! ( i just have to lock in dates with a cat/house sitter.)(edit, 4.10.15-- looks like we're going to japan instead!)

wish me luck with learning some super basic khmer. don't even bother wishing me luck with modern standard chinese though. haaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaa oh no way. we'll make do with leff's hs mandarian (will that even work??) (we are terrible. :/ )

we might also possibly find our way to detroit by mid year. and, ok, possibly cairo too. who knows though.  (there's still a lot up in the air but, wow, signs are looking amazing. if what we all want to happen FINALLY happens then FUCK YES we are going to cairo.)

ah, i seem to be going cryptic again so i will leave you with an incredible recipe for chicken laksa. it looks like there's a lot going on with it (i mean, the spices

the fresh garnish)

but it's actually quite simple to make and is well worth the effort.

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