Monday, March 09, 2015

cursory update sans photos

i am tired. i am so tired that i am not even taking pictures. without getting too into details, my brother had an accident and was very lucky to only have a fractured skull and concussion. so, honestly, i kinda' don't give very many fucks about anything besides his recovery at the moment. (well, i give many fucks about what one other person is going through but i am not at liberty to discuss this in public.)

so what have i been doing other than calling home? making bbq sauce, eating mai fun that leff's made, watching "pretty little liars" (known as "smooshface" at the casa), learning japanese, reading judith flanders books, drying flowers. you know, trying to keep busy. we had to cancel our trip to chicago due to flu/shit weather so i have wanderlust hardcore but that is not new.

anyway, more cheery update sometime in the near future, i'm sure.

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