Saturday, March 28, 2015

saturday was cider day

if you're going to get technical, thursday and friday were also cider days but that doesn't work so well as a title. w/e, here's a quick rundown of bevs consumed so i can find it again should i need to order more. 

thursday was a winn with finn river pear cider. that's crisp and very peary. yum.

friday we had finn river's dry hopped cider. eh, not my fave. i am not into this overhopping of things since i feel like it covers up skunky-ness with unneeded bitterness and brewer mistake. but, hey, in wa state, overhopping EVERYTHING is fucking king.

yet another reason why i should move.

anyway, saturday was full of fantastic cider. we drank the smooth as fuck muse by angry orchard. like, this is the smoothest of smooths. so good. so, so good. so bubbly.

not bubbly by any means and cloudy due to its filtration process is crispin. christ that's good stuff. it reminded me of some of the ciders i've had in the uk.

also a crispin product is this honey crisp. this is super smooth and light. and, man, it goes well with smithsonian channel pseudo docs on netflix.

i think this was leff's fave of the three today. *i'm* just glad that i don't have to hop a transatlantic flight every time i want cider now.

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