Friday, October 09, 2015

a package from japan!

as part of a bday treat, leff ordered us a few things from japan! from top l, going clockwise-- rice seasoning! A NEW DAGASHI PACK, TWO POPPIN COOKIN CANDY RAMEN SETS, avo cheetos and ORANGE FLAVORED CHIPS!!! 

(not pictured: onigiri molds)

i will have a post each for the ramen sets and the dagashi (dagashi 1.0 can be seen here). what follows is where i confess my absolute adoration of these orange chips.

the orange flavor in this bag is not too sweet, definitely not cloying. it is almost as if someone had squeezed a fresh navel orange over top of some nicely salted, perfectly crunchy chips. SO GOOD will order again!

the avo cheetos tho. eh....

here's the thing. in my experience, cheetos from japan are much less greasy and not quite as crunchy as american ones. more similar in mouthfeel to the baked variety that can be purchased here. these were very mildly flavored. which, i suppose should be expected from avocado. idk, maybe i eat avos with too much salt and lime juice to not expect a hint of tartness. *shrug*

would probably not order these again. would still eat them if they were offered.

our package came with some free glasses.

i wore them while i was drinking a matcha latte out of my jiji mug.

have i mentioned that i figured out how to make matcha lattes? hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa yeah, just one cookbook has great ideas/recipes.

posts for ramen candy sets, dagashi 2.0, halloween in the pipeline. lol the pipeline. i am so tired of tech bullshit. XD

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