Sunday, October 18, 2015

it is definitely freakin autumn

oh yes. it certainly is decorative gourd season, motherfucker.

that is a bit of a misnomer as these tiny little pumpkins are edible. i found them at the last farmer's market of the year. and, oh my yes, those are black futsu! i have been looking for those for quite a while!

here are the two that i bought.

it's possible that i might decorate them but more than likely one of them will end up in a curry. or maybe chocolate pumpkin muffins.

you can call me basic all you fucking want, i'll just laugh at you. 'cause 1) please. let me eyeroll at you some more. 2) get some updated slams ("slams" lol) 3) pumpkins are the fucking bomb.

also bombish are chocolate chip cookies if you make them the right way. (i did, rah rah rah)

and motherfucking kare pan.

made the curry roux for the curry inside. delicious.

also threw together a place to read just off the kitchen with some furniture that we hadn't donated yet.

it's cozy but the cats have taken it over. they're doing a lot more sleeping now that this bullshit is back.

god, washington state. i fucking hate this place. you are well aware. it is hideous on so many fucking levels.

not hideous, my dad's old solid state radio that he sent to me last week.

also the fact that random teenagers and children will pick flowers for me on occasion.

 yeah, i don't understand that either.

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