Monday, July 18, 2016

the last week

since the house is done and dusted, we've been focusing on buying stuff for the new apartment. (you may recall that we donated pretty much all of our furniture before we left. smart move!)

the weekend before last, we headed to andersonville 

and hit up the brown elephant (hearts!!),


brownstone antiques,


and assorted other stores including women and children first.  i love andersonville and it's not just because it thinks everyone is beautiful.

it's just a really good neighborhood. if you visit me, we will be going there at some point.

the night we sold the house, we celebrated at moody's pub. it was a nice evening all around with CICADAS and FIREFLIES (i have missed them both intensely.) and a nice breeze that rustled the banners at the car lot.

delivery is still treating us well! last week we had salam (sooooooooooo goooooooood)

and jerky jerk (not pictured as i was SUPER HUNGRY that night).

seriously, guys. chicago is a real food city. i haven't had a bad meal yet.

hit the beach again. several times. how can we not?

made it to argyle night market! the food is SO GOOD but we ate it too quickly for decent photos. sorry. maybe next week.

caught a drowzee on the way home. watch out for the third rail!! XD

this past saturday went back to ba le for baguettes (89 CENTS FOR TWO OMG best deal on bread EVER) and a quick snack before heading to


i know it seems like all we do is eat. fair enough. but we also buy things about chicago. BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

seriously tho. we aren't the only people who do this. it's one of those weird city pride things.

sunday, we went back to lovely

where i caught a meowth.


this week promises furniture delivery, a possible camera purchase (!!!!) and the first visit from an out of towner.


Aine said...

You're in Chicago now!

r4kk4 said...

I am that very article! XD XD XD XD