Saturday, July 09, 2016

we do so much now but it hardly seems like it

so, ha. that was a longer break than i had intended to take. i'm not really gonna apologize though because getting used to a new city keeps you on your toes. i mean, even relearning how to relax takes time. 

speaking of which, moving near lake michigan was the smartest thing we've ever done. being able to swim at a moment's notice is heavenly.

clouseau is also enjoying this new less stress lifestyle.

finally got around to drinking the lovely japanese beers that we got from binny's. here's the suiyoubi no neko.

even though we can get cheap polish and chicago dogs pretty much everywhere, it's still nice to have the stuff to make them at home.

i still can't get over the fact that we can just have poppy seed buns and atomic relish whenever we want them.

ibid for swedish lingonberry pancakes.

what? don't look at me.

hopped it to independent spirits which has EVERYTHING. (i love that store TO BITS)

made two trips to 1060 w addison.

the first was to get leff a "try not to suck" tshirt and also to see if they had any seats for the braves makup game (they did).

christ, i hope the cubs make history this year

cause i'm getting too old for this shit.

grabbed a bahn mi at ba le (SO GOOD THOSE BAGUETTES!!) in little saigon. while there, we dropped by tai nam for treats.

we also realized that when you see the gnome, you're almost home.

survived the 4th of july. it was surprisingly sedate. (i guess we live far enough away from navy pier.)

2nd wrigleyville trip -- at the cubs game, there was a TWO HOUR RAIN DELAY HAAAAA :/

the game started at 9pm so we kicked it old style for a while

and left before rondon didn't get it rondone. sigh.

at least we got two mini ron santos.

the next day at the lake

i turned santo into sando.

i also found my MOST FAVORITE chicago mix!

i only found out about this stuff last month. it's a mix of cheddar and caramel popcorn and it sounds gross as hell but IT IS FUCKING DELICIOUS!!! you should try it if you're ever in chitown. or, hell, make your own.

today, leff and i started playing pokemon go. it is the most social video game i have ever played. while walking (and walking and walking) leff and i talked to, idk, four strangers on the street! SO MANY PEOPLE WERE PLAYING and we all just smiled and nodded at each other.

here is where i waited for leff to catch his tauros.

seriously, it is a fantastic game if you've just moved to a new city because it will take you EVERYWHERE to places you don't know about or might have missed. like, cookies and carnitas. we had a quick lunch there after catching a jinx in the alley near their shop.

we also walked through loyola. i didn't know this art deco building was there!!

there is a pokestop near this dude. XD

we even caught a ghastly on the way to greek fest at st andrew's. i swear to you, it was the BEST greek fest i've EVER been to! here's just one picture of the deliciousness. (i ate SO MUCH hahahaha)

whew! we are now caught up and i haven't written TOO much about my quest to be a pokemon master. i will TRY to keep this blog up to date but i can't promise anything. it's crazy busy when you're trying to make up for lost time, you know? heh.

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