Monday, June 27, 2016

let's get up to date!

urbs in horto, muthafuckaaaaahs we've got a danger cart!

leff and i made it downtown last weekend.

we found a camera for leff to buy once the house has closed (we are SO CLOSE RN PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED)

this is not the camera, this is one of the saic lions. (do not have membership yet. SOON)

and THIS is rainbow cone! not from the orig place but from the pop up at navy pier.  still delicious tho!

we got our library cards.

they've been very handy

i've already finished housekeeping. so. good.

food wise, we hit up bop bar for some incredible kim chi fried dumplings. 

and dropped by la unica for an amazing cuban sandwich.

have to admit that i was jealous of leff's fried chicken though. it was so tender!!

picked up an inca kola for the road.

this past weekend, we made it to pride. it was HUGE!! and awesome.

and conrad the unicorn was great. here's vid!

 k, back to the grind which is not really a grind because i love it here so far. even though it is so hot we are melting, i am still happy. which is crackerdog bonkers but so fine with that.

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