Wednesday, June 15, 2016

taking a break from unpacking/organizing

have i mentioned that when i'm not sneezing from moving dust (where DOES that come from anyway?), that i'm really, really fucking happy?

it is still foreign territory to me but it's ok. i'll cope.

leff and i have been on a great furniture hunt since we donated the majority of ours before we left. that is how we found ourselves at west elm.

i'm telling you, w.e. is wasp central. i would say it's also dink capital but there were too many kids (blargh). uh, what? here's a plate that i didn't buy.

we will prob get some stuff from we and also cb2. and also target. or wherever. (we are the dinks. why should i lie to you about that? XD XD)

to date, lincoln park is as far as we've gotten from home.

we'll prob head downtown this weekend. or navy fucking pier. what. don't look at me that way. they have rainbow cone there now.

ah, you want me to get to the food and bev portion of this post. ok, here goes. soooo, WE WENT TO BINNY'S AND 1) IT IS AMAAAAAAAZING 2) THE DUDE DIDN'T THINK I WAS IN MY 40S LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL christ am i ever in my 40s 3) THEY HAVE PIMM'S FOR DAAAAAAAAAAAYZZZZZZZZZZ

i kinda need to go back to binny's. it could be my new home.

we stopped by the new andersonville goddess and the grocer since a portion of their rainbow cake sales are going to the pulse gofundme. (more info about that here.)

the cake is delicious. so is their cold brew.

hit up the edgewater farmer's market last saturday! stamper cheese was there!

so was six generations farmin' local!

(and not a goddamned tarot card or henna tattoo in sight at that market! :D :D :D)

also new to the neighborhood (it's not just me and leff who just arrived, heh!), tina's italian ice! so incredibly refreshing! i had both citrus blast and cherry.

leff got blood orange and chocolate. all of those flavors were SUPERB and i can't wait to go back for more!

tonight we had takeout from dak since it's way too hot to cook. here's my bulgogi and dukbokki that lasted maybe five minutes. SO GOOD


it is even greater than i remember. i might want to live there after i get tired of living at binny's.

k, time to get back to unpacking. i CANNOT WAIT until i'm finished.

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