Friday, June 10, 2016

this getting settled business is exhausting

we have been making steady progress since the movers brought our stuff two? three? days ago. 

things would be going faster if leff and i hadn't both come down with something. blargh and etc. still, we're exploring the neighborhood a little at a time. check out park 517!

we've made it to hipster coffee which is not only some of the best coffee i've had in years but also has redeye and not motherfucking "shot in the dark" on the menu.

shot in the dark. it's not a pink panther movie, assholes.

been getting a lot of delivery since, well, reread the title of this. crisp was amazing and i cannot tell you how great it is that we can get fresh kimchi, bulgogi (add egg), bibimbap and korean hot wings DELIVERED.

also showing up at the casa, fucking deep dish. you know it. it came with a free rc cola RC FUCKERS (there's goddamned cheerwine at the jewel. YAAAAAAAAAAS (please ask me about how the soda tastes better here because it's a different bottling plant. it is SO good.))

we also ordered cannoli with that pie. i am still dead from it. XD

you know how i used to complain about the lack of even passable chinese take out in the tacky? yeah, not a fucking problem here. SO. GOOD.

but we haven't JUST been eating and marveling at being back in a place where flavor is considered essential in food (lol (true tho)). nah, we've been to the beach a few times.

and the antique store.

oh! and the asian grocery that WE CAN WALK TO. this was across the street from it.

they had six flavors of thai lays chips! AND KEWPIE!!! HOT DAMN

yeah, it's been pretty great during this honeymoon period, i am not gonna lie! i'm happy for a change and it is weirding me the fuck out since i've only enjoyed life while on vacation during the last decade. whatever, i'll get used to it, i guess. XD XD

peel is pretty happy too!

but she's not as in love with this place as i am.

k, time for a cubs game. will update as time allows!

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