Thursday, June 02, 2016

we live in chicago now

i'll get around to posting a moving trip summary as soon as we have furniture (haaaaaaaa, the movers get here in four days) but, fucking hell, we live in chicago now. and we're moving along rapidly with selling the house (not gonna tell you much about that cause i don't want to jinx us).

here are two very chicago things that have happened so far:  1) we were stuck on the red line during a cubs home game haaaaa god. just, damn. haaaaaa 2) we stood in lake michigan on a sandy beach.

everyone is so friendly here that leff and i keep catching ourselves thinking "are they fucking with us?!? what's the fucking catch?!?!" but it is just illinois. it is such a nice change from the monsters in the pnw. (don't bother to comment seattle lovers, i ain't gonna read it, i ain't gonna post it. two middle fingers, yeah?)

anyway, regular posting resumes soonish. see you then.

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