Monday, September 05, 2016

fighting a cold so here're a lot of pictures

leff and i have caught our first chicago cold. blargh.  

new this week (not illustrated)! i got my tsa precheck number! HOORAY got my voter registration card for illinois and have signed up for mail in ballot. HOORAY HOORAY aaaaaaand we got bidets TRIPLE HOORAY 

look, YOU go to tokyo and see if you can live with standard toilets. toto washlets will change your life. (it was a lie about the shins.)

new this week (illustrated)! the hallway table!

the rest of our "media console" before i started organizing it.


an ascii puppy!

but the beach warning wasn't new. i love how the lake can seem so much like an ocean.

the season is starting to turn. that means i'm getting obsessed with light both man made

and natural.

went back to lickety split, got a tasty turtle.

walked around on broadway, found some nice signs.

had a great kim chi pho at pho 777.

i did not buy this durian. leff is...not a fan of durian smell. (lol that time i brought back some durian cookies on the bus lol) one day, i'll buy a melon when he's not in town. XD

what, all i want out of life is tasty joy.

until there is a taco truck on every corner, i still have to track mine down.

carne asada, beebees. delish.

i am forcing the season with halloween this year. got some pumpkin soap at jewel and it had a spooky surprise! :D

6018 north is in our neighborhood. i'd walked by here many times without realizing that it was an INCREDIBLE conceptual artspace! omg! click their link! VISIT THIS PLACE!!  go see their piece at expo at the end of the month!!

such a great space! if you visit on a weekend, you are going there. and then i will take you to metropolis cause you're gonna need something to drink while you bask in the kick assness of the art you've just seen.

yesterday, leff and i hopped it to chinatown. i hadn't been there in 18 years (the restaurant where dr fusbender's dad took us is still there!!) the nine dragon wall was new though!

dude, i knoooooooow. XD XD

leff found me a FANTASTIC kbeauty supply! tok tok lazy beauty! SO GREAT!! i dropped $50 like nothing and it has been SO worth every penny. i love it there.

after lunch (these pictures are not lunch)

we walked to a kind of dagashiya!! (leff was on a ROLL with the stores that he found!) aji ichiban is the ichiBOMB!! i LOVE it sooooo!! (and will post pics of candy we got in a separate post since stats tell me you guys enjoy those.)

ended the day at ping tom memorial park.

we *were* going to take the water taxi downtown but we were both starting to feel a bit under the weather. s'ok. i had kbeauty to use!

my freebie cute hairtie now resides on my bunny lamp! :D

here's most of my haul. not pictured but TOTALLY recommended miskin dia force gold hydro-gel patches. they. are. ALSO changing my life. (i'm serious. get some kbeauty products and a bidet and you can just...forget about the shins. XD XD)

still, i got no chill when it comes to face masks.

none. whatsoever. XD XD

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