Sunday, September 11, 2016

so sick haaaahaha cough hack etc

this week saw us missing both the lakeview festival of the arts and the ravenswood art walk.  oh! and a show by an ethiopian jazz musician that leff likes. AND a performance piece at the beach. 

all of it. because of this hellbeast of a cold. eh, at least we know where to buy ice.

and polish.

and buttons from a gumball machine.

and pizza puffs.

i mean, the week was a weird one. VERY weird, in fact, i'm trying to forget that (can't say it wasn't bad but it didn't have any super direct influence on us. just, holy. fucking. shit.) and will tell you that fuji says hi.

that i'm still all urbs in horto.


i'm going to carve at least two. and those decorative ones are beautiful.

it's the end of the beach season. the lifeguard posts were taken down for storage.

it's sad but for the first time in a VERY long while, i'm actually looking forward to fall.

back to sleeping and reading! should be over this cold by tuesday and out and about the city again. next week THE HOTTEST WINGS IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!

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