Monday, February 06, 2017

a very slow week

i spent the majority of my week calling my elected officials and being sick. i doubt regular readers are surprised by any of that.

i managed to swing by little corner though.

carbo loading for the resistance! XD

things acquired to help me stay focused-- more washi tape for organization.

cute socks for protesting.

bad ass stamps for mailing postcards to members of congress.

did manage to do a few things not related to the hot, fetid, orange mess in washington. leff got us some shelves to deal with our book disorder.

also our spices got organized! HOORAY!!!

the lake has been thawing.

it's been many gorgeous shades of blue.

ah, clouseau is giving me this look irl

which means i need to cut this short and get to work. see you next week.

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