Monday, January 30, 2017

river north, the apartment is still coming together, three shows at aic

i'm not sure how must see a james bond movie poster collection actually is

but i do have to tell you that the green door is absolutely worth a look.

i met leff in river north on wednesday and we grabbed a couple of beers there. (and also poutine which was!)

we were going to see a movie at gene siskel but, guys, not gonna lie, last week was A WEEK (as i'm sure it was for a lot of you.) so we left these lights

and headed home for some lights of our own. solved the dim hallway issue. lol

seriously though, the apartment is still coming together nicely. (leff and i knew that it was going to take at least a year since we basically started over from scratch.)

got an order in for some shelves. will post pics when those are installed.

saturday, we headed downtown to catch some shows that were coming down at the art insitute.

saw "japanese monochromatic works"

and "master drawings unveiled"

while listening to music that was part of the year of the rooster celebration happening in this courtyard.

you can't beat that. or CAN you? because FUCKING HELL PROVOKE JUST OPENED and it is THE GOAT

imma just give you a shit ton of pics and you can plan your trip. seriously, GO. TO. THIS!!

the john massey exhibit was just icing.

i fucking LOVE aic. i know, i know, i go there a lot but membership has its privileges, right?

dropped by miller's pub  on the way to the l.

this week, gonna try to catch eugene eda and the wall of respect shows at the cultural center. maybe i'll go to milwaukee to protest. WHO KNOWS

stay strong. keep resisting. don't forget that you can still register for aca/obamacare thru jan 31st. you will be covered for all of 2017 no matter what happens. bye!

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