Monday, January 09, 2017

i bloody love the field museum

on the very last day of the chinese terracotta warriors exhibit, leff and i made it to the field museum. that is...obviously not the field. (it's behind me in the picture.)

you know who you shouldn't turn your back on though. sue!!

look at my beautiful ferocious daughter.

it had been at least 20 years since i'd been to the field. sue wasn't even in the building then!! i think that the cool ass wax dino machines were though.

but the rizzo sandwich wasn't. (um, was the rizz even BORN then lol he might have been SIX YEARS OLD LOL)

anyway, good sandwich, nice volcano.

we had a bit of time to kill before we were allowed into the warriors exhibit (timed tickets) so it was off to the animal dioramas. i....look, these are some of my most favorite exhibits in the world, i'm not even kidding. they might even rival the nyc natural history dioramas.

i mean. I MEAN. this is just a painted background but it is SO GOOD!!

i adore this section. the tsavo lions are still there!

i may have mentioned in passing that i haven't seen the terracotta warriors since the 1982 world's fair in knoxville (ask me about that sometime. hahah! i won SO MANY TICKETS! XD) anyway, the warriors are still some of my most favorite sculptures from antiquity so i was really glad to be able to see them again.

here's what they would have looked like if the original paint had remained.

have some pictures from the exhibit. you don't need me to fill you in on these.

since we bought a membership, we got free admission to some of the other special exhibits. we decided to check out the one about tattoos.

so good! but so crowded! D: here's "s.t. serie maras" by isabel munoz.

and a couple of legs.

did i mention that it was crowded? yeah, leff and i needed to sit for a while so we passed this couple taking wedding photos

and got a couple of tooth and claws at the bistro. CAN RECOMMEND! so smooth.

after the beer, it was time to head home (it. was. SO. CROWDED. haha). ok, after leff had some ramen at the shop near the roosevelt station.

did i mention that i brought home two new friends? because i did. i love them SO MUCH!! they smell so nice.

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