Monday, January 02, 2017

nye weekend

you're not surprised that things were pretty chill over nye at casa rl. 

leff has been wfh for so long that we haven't been able to meet up with each other for dinner in a long time. so it was kinda refreshing to be able to walk to dak and see him hangin out on the corner.

saturday, leff and i headed up to roger's park to check out the mile of murals. soo great! and, apparently, this changes every year so we need to go back when the new ones are up. here are some of my favorites from the 2016 crop.

stickers from roger's park.

unbeknownst to us, leff and i went to the orig location of the growling rabbit on their last day there. XD (they're moving to edgewater this year so we're gonna be able to walk there soon.)

i got their commemorative blueberry italian soda with tea candies cause i'm a sucker for limited time drinks (1 day. can't beat that. XD XD)

nearby is loyola park (the one of pokemon go "fame" (lol pokemon go)). so great! protected sand dunes, a great view of the city (not pictured) and another painted location that changes annually, the artists of the wall bench. i guess they paint the new images on father's day, which would explain this  bwahahah.

anyway, two of my absolute faves cause they are creepy

and just THE BEST.

also went to armadillo's pillow

totally recommend but you are sol if you're looking for pym cause I BOUGHT THE ENTIRE STOCK.

there was more ice at the beach.

the surface is so interesting (the light gets reflected all crazy and makes the water look oily sometimes) and it makes a great sound.

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also a nice sound, these bells. i probably mention them too much but, psh, i love em.

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i think we're heading to the field soon. check back for tons of photos from there if so.

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