Monday, January 16, 2017

another week

i said yes to the nutty bars, guys. but i've got to admit, it was a strange request and i'm not taking it seriously.

you know what's nice about chicago? you can get black and white cookies delivered.

i spend too much on laundry tho.

so hey! the lake was pretty frozen! have two pictures from the beach.

went to lincoln park on saturday.

hit up rotofugi. (will get to my purchases in a bit)

i was having a pretty good day but, lolk, whatever.

my husband was there.

he didn't have lunch with me and leff at tortahaus but i'm probably gonna take you there if you eat pork because...

because!!! this is the german torta!! and it is amazing what with schnitzel and bratwurst and pickles and sauerkraut...on a torta. you would think this wouldn't work. you would be wrong. DELICIOUS!

but anyway, rotofugi stuffs. i needed a new keychain so i got this shiba.


also got my first issue in my teen vogue sub. that's not from rotofugi, obvs, but i'm just impressed by this magazine. lauren duca is a+++++ and i would throw my money behind anything she's involved with.

getting ready for the protest on saturday. i printed out some signs from amplifier foundation

but i think i might just make my own sign or something.

since i can't knit, i tried two workarounds to get my pussyhat right. the first involved dying. bah, too much synthetic fiber to really work well.

so i (literally) hacked this hat.

clouseau helped!

and sewed it back together so it had ears. not bad, i guess. whatever, i'm ready.

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