Monday, January 23, 2017

the package from singapore finally arrived! i use and delete that purikura app AND the chicago women's march!

in nov, i ordered some things for the holidays from singapore. apparently, the holidays are in jan now because hey! guess what arrived this week! a rabi-dango! i love that it looks as pissed as i've been feeling since the election!

i got a strawberry for my key shiba.

and some strawberry for my tum in the form of this crunchy taiyaki. (it was so good i have already ordered more (which will prob be here in march haaaaa :/))

here are two pics that i purikuraed to hell before i uninstalled the meitu app. yay!

on the day when that lying shitgibbon was sworn in, i took a long walk to andersonville. some guy took the chalk (typical)

and there was bamboo on the ground.

my destination was women and children first to pick up a copy of resist! and also roxane gay's new book. resist! was available but difficult women, just like pussyhats, was out of stock.

no matter, i grabbed blm and ovary pins

and some slogan stickers

before meeting leff for a beer that i desperately needed.

will love trump hate? i should fucking hope that it does but we're going to have to work on it together. 

saturday, leff and i headed downtown for the chicago women's march.  you may have heard that this was large. this photo was taken from the art institute steps about 4-5 blocks from the rally. (large is an understatement. i would go with "huge" but some infantile moron has ruined that word.)

the march was cancelled since we were waaay over capacity but the mood was good and the signs were great.

here is a wonderful woman who was on the train home.

and support from one of the theaters in edgewater.

the march and resistance are what i want to normalize not orwellian bs. not spicer and his fucking lies and (lol) dippin dots rage. let's keep it up.

i will tell you though, it was very strange to have such warm weather in chicago during the rally (60 F!). we headed to the beach after.

other mundane things-- solved the dim hallway issue.

bought some tulips!

hugged mah boi.

stray strong! see you next week!

ps-- if you are new to protest or are getting back into the game after a long time, i will suggest (in addition to all links above ha!) 10 actions/100 days (site was down at time of writing)

ease into it. hey, these two cards got sent to senators durbin and duckworth of illinois!

just remember that we have a lot of work to do before nov 2018 so the sooner you get started, the better. thanks!

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