Monday, June 05, 2017

a ton of food, bahai temple, edgewater yardsale and a year in chicago

since the wrigley field visit warranted its own post, some of the pics this week date back to memorial day weekend.  liiiike...the day after my birthday, we finally made it to pequod's.

oh, MAN! was it ever worth the wait. the crust at pequod's is incredible. pictured below is my chicago default-- italian sausage and giardiniera. (i pretty much live on giardiniera these days.)

we had planned on going downtown on memorial day itself until we realized that there was A PARADE with thousands of people right where we needed to be. so, no. leff found a place in willamette that looked interesting. this owl was at the very end of the purple line.

and the bahai house of worship was not far from that. look at this place! it's very peaceful here

and ornate.

although the detail is poured and not carved. which, hey, fine. it still looks cool. here's a detail of all the little rocks that make it so luminous.

no pictures of the inside because, even though religion's not for me, i still try to be respectful. *shrug*

at howard, there is an AMAZING jamaican restaurant. good to go makes the best jerk chicken! AND you can get a side of mac and cheese.

i also had a carrot, ginger and uh...i'm blanking...juice smoothie. very refreshing.

also refreshing? gordo's. i am planning on stopping here a lot this summer.

probably will not always get the bars dipped and sprinkled like i did with this one tho. (avo banana dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with fruity pebbles, if you were wondering.)

leff and i went to our second edgewater yard and sidewalk sale! the first time we went, we had just rolled up into town and were desperate to find chairs, lights, ANYTHING since our moving van was arriving a week after us. THIS YEAR was more relaxed and i got a chubby bunny pin,

a chocolate covered caramel from a school bake sale

and two new friends! (total cost for all four things-- $4)

not pictured-- the dolmas, spinach pie, sourdough bread, lemon pound cake slice, dill and garlic curds and hunk of parm that we picked up along the way. (the farmer's market has started again. heh. (this year they have bands!))

on sunday, we headed to irving square for budlong nashville hot chicken.

there is a reason this place is so popular. i mean, lookit.

AND they have cheerwine!

we accidentally stumbled upon a german fest that was happening while we were there. i pikachose to not stick around cause i wasn't in the mood. (altho the brats and beer garden looked great!)

SPEAKING of having been in chicago for a year, why not check out leff's recap? he's picked his highlights from the last 365! i think it's pretty damn good too!

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