Friday, June 16, 2017

taking another break for a bit?

a lot is going on behind the scenes here at casarl. i'm crash coursing how to make geriatric cats comfortable. it's stressful. i'm tired. everyone at the vet knows me now. you...probably don't want to read more about it. so a break is in order, not only for you but also so i can focus on the little dudes. 

here are a few things that i managed to do between visits to the vet last week. the chris bradley show at mca.

a quick stop at water tower to check out a photography exhibit. here is one of the lions that lives inside.

got a really great key lime shake at m burger.

the interesting marks and tags of the week.

i fucked up a gudetama pudding kit by micowaving it too long. it was still tasty (and my jiji mug was salvaged. yay!)

and i still love the lake.

see you guys soonish. not sure how long i'll be gone? i'll probably be posting on ig sporadically if you need a fix. bye for now.

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