Monday, September 08, 2008

new glasses + craft magazine issue 8 launch party

so i got my new crazy lensed glasses on friday afternoon.

i'm still getting used to them. my eye doc was right, things look "too real". i don't know how to explain that any better but just try thinking of it as switching from 2d gaming to 3d. that's as close as i can get you to what it's like to go from having little to no depth perception to finally seeing things as they really are.

on sunday, leff and i bussed it to cap hill for the craft magazine issue 08 launch at stitches. leff won a raffle!

my favorite things in are the gocco print from moxie and the button ring from kristen.

as you can tell from these next pics taken at stitches, i'm still not able to take clear "long shot" photos with my glasses on yet.

i'm sure that soon i'll figure it out.


Brit said...

The best thing about getting new glasses/contacts is looking at trees from a distance and realizing you can see so much detail in the individual leaves.

Aine said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new glasses!

r4kk4 said...

thanks ladies!! :D!

i've never had glasses or contacts before, brit. so it's been a weird few days for me. i hadn't realized how much i used my peripheral vision until my frames started getting in the way.

add to this that i'm used to 35 years of little to no depth perception and it's like i'm having to relearn really simple things like how to walk.

it's been cool but pretty darn frustrating at the same time. that being said, it's nice to be able to read signs! haha!

Lisa B. said...

groovy awesome glasses! Sort of Liz Lemon ;-)

r4kk4 said...

hugs for that comparison! :D!

that's what i was trying to go for. although, i'll NEVER look like tina fey. sigh...