Friday, September 26, 2008

oh hell, how did it get to be so late in the day?

sorry, kids. as i've mentioned repeatedly, things have been pretty busy around these parts lately. today continues in that vein. well, except for right now while i'm watching calexico unload their bus in front of the moore.

whoo. (they actually are really nice guys. i'm just cranky because it's cloudy.)

anyway, aside from coveting this fox pin at nancy

not a lot has changed since wednesday. i didn't go to the lab choosing to stay home instead and catch "antm" with j, d, s, o and leff.

i was really glad that they sent the moose packing. (i call her moose because she's from a "small town in alaska" not because she resembles a moose. if anything, girlfriend needs a cheeseburger.)

wait, where was i going with this? obviously nowhere. see you monday, i guess. i'll be in possession of lots of new books then as the library sale is this weekend. wheee!

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