Monday, September 22, 2008

oops, it's monday

sorry about skipping friday, chicklets. things just got busier than i had planned. how about we catch up now?

friday, jessie and i walked down first on our way to the id and checked out some of the parks that were part of international park(ing) day. there were quite a few and they were all wonderful in their own way.

once in the id, we found the future home of the new beard papa's!

now there's no need for me to go to san fran!

we also got some green tea at the panama hotel.

and stopped by unicorn crepes. i cannot WAIT to go back and try something there!

friday night leff and i hit the garage for bowling at the redfin party.

we didn't stay long since leff was exhausted. which was for the best really because we had to go to the soggiest picnic EVAR the next day at steward park.

i was freezing my butt off the whole time. fact: i didn't warm up until about three hours after we got home. (even with a pulse quickening attempt to beat the clock zipcar return. (we made it with two minutes to spare. who knew that it would take almost 45 minute to travel less than four miles on i-5n? thankfully, we caught all of the green lights on 4th ave and made it to the parking space with 2 minutes to spare.))

sunday wasn't quite as exciting but included a trip to top pot for coffee (both for drinking and for packing in my luggage on the 13th).

we also managed to fit in three margaret rutherford "marples", several hours of "tales of vesperia" and part of hitchcock truffaut.

and this week is going to be even busier. see you wed!

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