Monday, November 17, 2008

back pain, ocd cat and japanese food

heya, chittlings! how's your monday?

remember how back in june i did a really wicked number on my back? my fucking annoying back that has been tricky since i was 18 because of some dumbass accident that i was involved in? yeah, well, it's not gotten better. at all. and now i'm having weird pains that make me think i've got nerve damage.

why am i mentioning this? i don't really know except maybe i'm asking for good thoughts from you loyal readers. i'm hoping this doesn't turn out to be what i'm dreading. updates available as soon as i have any.

what else has been crappy? ah, yes. fujiko's ocd has been out of control.

yes, one of my cats is ocd. another one has separation anxiety. we're all fucked up at casa rakkaleff.

anyway, fuji's been obsessively cleaning because the fire on the 5th set her off. so much so that now she's missing patches of fur and looks like she has mange, poor thing.

i've been working on behavioral modification but it's tricky. cleaning is a big part of a cat's normal behavior and i don't want to screw that up. so we're playing a lot and i'm just sort of sitting next to her all reassuring like. here's hoping her fur grows back soon!

but now on to good things! leff and i have been at uwajimaya a lot in the past week!

mainly because of this book.

it should be called "leff's cook(ing) japanese food!" because he's the one who made ebi no chiri so-su

and grilled corn, the japanese name of which i've forgotten.

both were extremely delicious.

what else? i got sucked (wah-wah!) into "true blood". i don't really know why. the horrible southern accents make me cringe and, as i've mentioned before, i'm much more of a werewolf person but, eh, whatcha' gonna' do when you have a bum back and an ocd cat?

k, i gotta' hobble into the kitchen and make something for s&f. see you next monday.

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