Tuesday, November 11, 2008

starting next monday this will be a weekly blog

just like the title said, i'm switching this to a weekly blog. mondays only unless there's some reason that justifies a special post.

why? well, i'm busy and something has to give. esp since i'm winding down with one 365 project and am gearing up for another that will start on feb 1, 2009.

but let's get on with the post. leff and i will be in d.c. during the inauguration!!

no, we don't have tickets to the event itself (we probably won't get our hands on any either) but it'll be cool just to be in d.c. while obama is sworn in.

i never thought that i would *want* to go back to d.c., but there we are.

we have a new countertop.

it arrived on election day so it was kinda' like obama was solving my kitchen space problem for me. (ed note: no, not really. still, it's nice to be able to cut an onion without hitting my head.)

leff, j and i made it to the john hodgman musical extravaganza last week at town hall.

seattlest has a nice recap about the tragedy that occured during the q&a.

god, i fucking hate q&a.

what else? uuhhh...i went to poulsbo about a week ago. it was fantastically scandinavian. way more so than ballard can claim to be at this point.

leff and i tried both unicorn crepes and the new beard papa's in the id on sunday. i prefer unicorn crepes, in case you're keeping score. i think that beard papa's suffered from my having wanted to try them for so long.

i guess that's it. i know i'm forgetting a lot but i can deal with that. see you next monday!


bonnie said...

DC on inauguration day? how did you swing that? I mean, hotel rooms are supposed to be like a million dollars per night!

as for tickets - maybe you'll get lucky! don't give up the fight.

r4kk4 said...

we've got friends and relatives putting us up. for once it actually pays to have lived in baltimore! haha!

we're on three different waiting lists for tickets but i'm doubting it will happen. oh well.

Brit said...

Oh god, I went to a show by the Spaghetti Western Orchestra last night, and afterwards there was a q&a which Christopher wanted to stay for. I warned him it would be lameness personified, but he insisted, and so then we had to sit through 20 minutes of a single audience member waxing philosophic about the merits of playing the theramin.

r4kk4 said...

oh my god! what IS it that makes people feel like they have the right to bore everyone else in the audience with their trivial little lives?!?

i honestly almost asked john hodgman a question. it would have been phrased like this "since you have experienced being on fake news on "the daily show", how different was it to appear on real news on "the rachel maddow show"?"

i'm kicking myself for not asking because i was honestly interested in finding out. his interview on rachel's show was pretty great.

santos. said...

the best thing about the beard papa here is the mango ice shower which is layers of shaved ice and fresh mango drizzled with condensed milk. that and the boxes, which feature a wraparound photo of palm trees in twilight, and say BEARD PAPA GUAM AND TAHITI. sooo awesome. sooo not into the cream puffs.

r4kk4 said...

holy CRAP!!! now THAT sound delicious!

i don't think that our beard papa has anything but cream puffs. :( maybe at the baseball park...(we have a bp there too. it went in last summer. we didn't i get a cream puff at a ball game? um...it's the mariners. hahaha!)

i actually feel relieved that you don't like the cream puffs either. weird, i know, but it's reassuring.