Monday, February 16, 2009

busy. sooo busy

crackheads, you have been warned.

i'm not going to do a regular monday post any more. in fact, i'm not going to have regular posts here at all. from now on (or at least until i change my mind again) i'll write when it seems like i have something to write about.

it might mean more frequent posts, it might not. i guess we'll just have to see.

so last saturday leff and i went a bit nuts. we hit top pot

(yum! limited edition cherry blossom donut!)

sam for the edward hopper exhibit, fran's chocolate (for salted caramels. double yum!), the can can which was closed, the marimekko store at the market, virginia inn (for lunch), vain

and the sculpture park. see, i've been homebound for a while now and i was *dying* to get out.

sunday, glew helped leff move our old couch and fake secretary desk to goodwill (THANK YOU, GLEW!!). "why?" you might ask. um, to make room for all the new goodies, of course!

it's, like, a new apartment up in here!

president's day i succumbed to the craving for a mcflurry.

it was all because of the prominently portrayed mcflurries on thursday's "30 rock". damn you, tina fey!

and i guess that was the whole weekend. i feel like all leff and i have been doing is running since the year started. (minus the time for my cold.) will things slow down? who knows?

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