Monday, February 02, 2009

year of deer has started, i finally get around to writing about the inauguration and the pie festival

so before i get around to the week's old news, let me mention that i've started the new 365 project called year of deer.

that particular piece will also be in the "forget me-not" show at gallery hanahou in nyc along with my two others starting on the 6th. (more info about the hanahou show here)

yes, suspect and fugitive is finished.

ok, so the inauguration. i had planned on writing about how awesome it was to be in the crowd in depth but then the hell cold sidetracked me. (i'm still sick. now i'm just "normal person" ill, however, so i can cope.)

basically, you'll just have to live with the observation that, yes, it was completely worth the trip to stand in the cold surrounded by a throng of people even though we didn't get onto the mall.

and also a thank you to the kind policemen who played the speech over their car stereo so everyone could hear it.

(and a HUGE thank you to calvo for letting us crash at his place!)

oh wait, this after inauguration party at big bear video of leff's is pretty awesome. it's the first time i've ever been given free champagne with my coffee.

other shots around dc/alexandria.

ok, so the day after we got back there was a *magnificent* pie festival in ballard! $5 cover charge with proceeds going to fight cancer. win/win, i say!

leff and i ate *so* much pie that it made up for the week of "travel dieting".

what else, what else...j gave me a little rae's obama mystery dog cookie!

and leff has been playing "lips" again.

i can't because i can barely talk. in fact, leff said that for most of this cold i've sounded like an 80 year old, heavy smoking version of myself.

i'll leave you with a sticker.

'cause, yep. more deadlines. this has been a really busy year to date!

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bonnie said...

yay, deer year! you are welcome to come over and borrow any of my deer.